Hi there! I’m a 28 year old Uzbek girl, beloved wife and mom of a beautiful angel. I moved to Sweden in 2015 to reunite with my husband. I’m a teacher by training, but my huge love for traveling and exploring new things took me here!

What can I say about the country I’m residing? Well, it can be quite challenging to live in Sweden, especially in the first years. The adaptation period can take time during which some decide to leave the country finding it tough to live. I was also encountering difficulties getting used to a different life. I felt like a fish out of water and wanted to go back to my sunny country. After 2 years, it finally started to feel like home! I just started to rediscover the country and was merely surprised at so many opportunities and good conditions that Sweden creates for its residents. Today I enjoy my life in Sweden because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. So I devote most of my posts to lifestyle in Sweden.

To say more, I’m an active person who is curious, has endless energy, loves to get new experiences and savor moments. So at weekends and on holidays, I prefer traveling or going to entertaining places with my family rather than spending a quiet time at home. We quite often visit places that involve family-friendly activities. So in my blog, you can also read reviews about the places we visit and the cities we travel to.

I also have an interest in fashion and photography. So you can find photos of Sweden and my fashion styles in Gallery section.