Halloween in Gröna Lund


Ghostly Greetings!

It’s Halloween night not a soul in sight, I hear footsteps, who’s that coming?

Gröna Lund is on Halloween mode already. The whole area is covered with spooky decor which creates the so-called mysterious atmosphere. We surely liked it, but it was not as it was promising in the ads:) We didn’t even see the marching army of the dead like we did last year… or perhaps because we arrived too early? What was super fun for all of us is a 30 minute theatre show (don’t remember the name) about a boy who gets lost in the museum. In quest of the main door, he encounters with various Halloween spookiz:))) So friends, especially with kids, if the winds happen to bring you to Gröna Lund in October month, I reccommend you to not go past the theatre hall like we did last year. It’s the show that makes your day in the park extra fun!

P.S. People who ask me if we celebrate Halloween? Nnnaaahhh not really… yes, it contradicts our religion. But… Although I know what lies behind Halloween, I still let our daughter dress up in costumes and just have fun. Using its history, which has no longer relevance to it nowadays, as an excuse to forbid it – makes no sense to me. I’m almost sure that today, no one dresses up on October 31st to celebrate Celtic New Year. Let’s use our common sense and take it easy!


Have a bootiful Halloween!

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