Child-friendly Sweden

Hello friends! I’ve been thinking about some topics that might interest those who have not been in Sweden yet. So one of the subjects I considered to write about is, as you already know from the title, child-friendly Sweden. The reason why I decided to hit this topic is that most of my friends have kids, so I thought this might interest them.

On a magical ”Love Boat” in Gröna Lund Park.

If you are thinking about traveling with your family, and of course, having fun together, then Sweden is a good destination. It’s a really easy place to travel with children since the country treats them very well. Tourism is mostly organised around children’s interests. Admission is often free, or reduced for under 16. Busses are well set up for strollers, so when travelling with babies, get on the bus from the middle door as there’s a certain space to park strollers. You often don’t need a bus ticket when you are with a stroller/pram. It’s free. However, this doesn’t apply to public trains, you need a ticket to get in. But it’s still free for a little human sitting in a stroller.

Texas Longhorn knows how to keep busy its little customers.

Stroller parking on the bus.

When it comes to dining, there are so many restaurants and cafes that have baby chairs and menus of at least a couple of meals for kids for a reasonable price. Most toilets of dining places have nappy-changing facilities. Moreover, in many activity centers and entertaining places there are nursery rooms to feed or breastfeed your baby, and change a diaper. If you can’t find one to breastfeed your little human, for example, doing it in public is not a problem. As Swedes say, you are giving food to your baby, so there’s nothing embarrassing in it. Of course, you cover up!

Comfortable baby chairs in most cafes and restaurants of Sweden.

There are even some gyms that offer a babysitting service while you workout. For example, there are special playrooms in SATS training centers where members can leave their children for up to 1.5 hours. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those like me who don’t have relatives to leave their kids to, but have difficulty to trust nannies too! Many hotels in Sweden have gyms, so if you want to train, don’t hesitate to ask them about the baby sitting service or children club to leave your kids. They should be able to provide you with it.

A mini sats room in one of SATS training centers.

Sweden is open to all in any season, and you can find family activities any time! But if you want to get most out of your travel, then the best time to visit Sweden is in Summer. Swedish summer is unbelievably beautiful with its green nature when it’s sunny! You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities like paintball, cycling, fishing, hiking, driving downhill cars, sailing, swimming and many more. However, you don’t usually know what to expect: it can be chilly and often rain in the summer. But the aftertaste rain leaves is priceless: you feel the true smell of the nature.

Swedish beautiful nature in Summer.

In this post, you’ve got general overview of the Swedish kid-friendly system. I didn’t mention the family-friendly places in Stockholm I’ve been to so far on purpose since I’m considering writing a separate review post on each of them. So if you guys are interested, follow me on instagram! I’ll definitely keep you updated!

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